East Main Street


Two public meetings will be held to provide information about this upcoming project and proposed improvements with the community, answer questions, and gather your input before making any final decisions. The meetings, held on September 16th and 21st, will be available for live viewing for those who cannot attend in person.

Detailed information about the meetings are listed below.

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The City of Kent along with its partners - the project's Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), Kent State University, PARTA (Portage Area Regional Transport Authority), AMATS (Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study) and ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) - are undertaking a $20 million rehabilitation of a three-quarter mile portion of East Main Street.

The project focuses on East Main, between Willow Street and Horning Road intersections, along with neighborhoods to the north and KSU to the south.

Project Area


The goal is to provide an aesthetically pleasing, stately, less cluttered stress-free gateway into Kent that meets the current demands of East Main Street's users.

Working with the East Main Street Citizen's Advisory Committee, the project team established these goals:

  • Jointly improve safety and aesthetics for all users
  • Balance vehicular congestion with improvements to other modes of transportation
  • Enhance adjacent neighborhoods
  • Integrate with Kent State University's Gateway Master Plan
  • Provide reasonable access to adjacent properties and side streets

Proposed Corridor Improvements

Download a detailed rendering of the proposed corridor improvements here.

Public Meeting

Please choose from one of the public meetings listed below to learn more: 

Thursday, September 16, 2021
KSU Student Center
1075 Risman Drive, Suite 306
5-8 p.m.; 5:30 p.m. presentation
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Kent United Methodist Church
1435 E. Main Street
5-8 p.m.; 5:30 p.m. presentation


Please give the project team feedback by filling out this comment form

Questions can be directed toward our engineers, whose contact information is located to the right of this page. Questions can be submitted through mail, email, or phone. 

Project Timing

The East Main Street project is currently wrapping up the planning phase and heading into the design phase this fall. Design should be completed in 2024, with construction anticipated to begin in 2025. Construction is estimated to last three years, with traffic being maintained for the duration.

East Main Street's History

EastMainStreetsHistoryEast Main Street is one of the oldest streets in the city. It has gone through several major changes throughout Kent’s history. On maps from 1874, East Main Street was a rural roadway that provided connections to Ravenna with large tracts of land adjacent to the corridor. In images from 1919, East Main Street shows the beginnings of a modern street with sidewalks lining both sides, large stately homes with generous lawns lining the north side and Kent Normal College with a large park like setting on the south side.

Currently, East Main Street is a hectic five lane road with automobile-oriented commercial establishments along most of the northern side and KSU along the southern side. Multi-modal accommodations are limited along the corridor, as it is dominated by vehicular traffic. However, there are significant pedestrian, bicycle and transit demands along the corridor. 

When this project is complete, East Main Street will be a reimagined gateway into Kent; with a tree-lined boulevard, wide sidewalks and neighborhood entrances echoing features from its past with functionality for all.

There will be much more information added in the future as this project progresses. Please continue to check the website for more updates.

  1. James Bowling, P.E.

    Superintendent of Engineering/Deputy Director
    Phone: 330-678-8106

  2. Jon Giaquinto, P.E.

    Senior Engineer
    Phone: 330-678-8106