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KSU Winter Construction

Not rain, or sleet or snow will stop KSU construction activities — that may not be exactly true but it’s a good lead into the listing of winter construction projects underway at Kent State University at the Kent campus. 


Here are the major facility and infrastructure improvements that are currently being administered by the Office of the University Architect:



Kent Campus Academic Building Energy Conservation Project, Phase 1

The Office of the University Architect is preparing a Request for Proposals notice to be released during the first quarter of 2011 for response by Energy Service Companies to assist with planning energy conservation measures in Kent Campus Academic Buildings, excluding laboratories which will be addressed in Phase 2 of the project. Expectations for this project are that the House Bill 251 energy use reduction goal of 20% will be met or exceeded. The project anticipates utilizing provisions under House Bill 7 for payback of the project costs with guaranteed energy savings over a maximum 15-year time period.


Kent Campus Residence Services Energy Conservation Project

The Office of the University Architect and Energy Conservation Committee is reviewing proposals from Energy Service Companies to enable the twenty-six residence halls on the Kent Campus to comply with House Bill 251 energy use reduction goals. The project will utilize provisions per Ohio Legislation for payback of project cost with guaranteed energy savings over the preferred, 10-year energy savings-only total payback, but consideration will also be given for proposals with up to a maximum 15-year payback time period.




Centennial Research Park Crystal Diagnostics Build-Out

The interior tenant space located within Centennial Research Park is being built-out for Crystal Diagnostics. In consultation with the new tenant, work includes installation of new wall partitions, ceilings, lighting, finishes and restrooms. Construction commenced mid-December and continues through early March.


Kent Student Center Dining Services Kitchen Hood Replacement

In the Student Center basement kitchen, the existing kitchen hood system will be removed and replaced with a new, larger hood to accommodate new equipment needs. This project will include installation of the new hood, exhaust fan, welded ductwork with fire-rated insulation cover, new fire suppression system for the new hood and replacement of the ceiling. On-site work is taking place during Winter Break until January 5.


Library First Floor Renovations

The circulation desk area and main entry lobby on the first floor of the Library were renovated this summer. New finishes and upgrades for worn and dated materials were implemented and new, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems were installed. The exterior canopy and new entry system are being upgraded to define the entrance of existing facade; this canopy metal work continues through January.


Lowry Hall Renovations for the College of Public Health

The third floor west wing of Lowry Hall was renovated and converted into faculty offices for the College of Public Health which will relocate to the building. New finishes were installed and office space was designed to accommodate the new program of requirements for staff. Construction punch list work remains to be completed. Office move-in is scheduled to begin in early January.


Stewart Hall Renovations for the Relocation of Information Services

Stewart Hall is being renovated for the consolidation of all Information Services groups campuswide into one facility. Most of the Phase 1 work was completed by the end of October. In addition to demolition and abatement, Phase 1 included reroofing, new window installation, and other repairs to the exterior of the building. Most of the Phase 2 work involving plumbing, mechanical and electrical infrastructure has been completed and drywall installation is nearing completion. Painting and ceiling installation are beginning. The large air-handling units, transformer, electrical gear, and the elevator were scheduled for delivery and installation starting the week of December 13. In the course of the work, the natural gas line was found to be leaking and needed replacement; that work is nearing completion. Construction will continue through January in anticipation that the building will be ready for occupancy in February.


Summit Street Sidewalk Extension

The campus sidewalk along Summit Street was extended from the C-Science parking lot southeast to the bus stop in front of the Parking Maintenance Building to provide safe access to the campus. The sidewalk was extended to a bus stop on Summit Road across from Whitehall Terrace apartments. Paving has been completed and landscaping will resume in the spring.

Williams Hall Lab 223 HVAC Improvements

The HVAC system in laboratory 223 of Williams Hall was upgraded this past summer. All existing fume hoods and lab casework were demolished and replaced; six additional fume hoods were installed on the exterior wall; new lighting, new plumbing fixtures, emergency eyewash and shower, flooring, and wall finishes were installed. An ADA fume hood and accessible bench workstations were also provided. Punch list work continues through winter break.


WKSU Broadcast Center Generator Replacement

The old generator for the WKSU-FM Broadcast Center was removed and replaced with a new generator for standby electric power. The new generator is operational; punch list work remains to be completed.


Harbourt Hall Renovations for Administrative Functions

Harbourt Hall, a former residence hall built in 1967, will be renovated to provide office space for multiple administrative functions on campus. Work includes the conversion of the residence rooms and bathroom facilities, improvements to the public areas (lounges, classrooms, lobby, corridors), and the upgrade/replacement of the entire heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, electrical distribution, telecommunications systems, fire alarm and fire suppression systems. The currently proposed program includes office spaces for the Office of the University Architect, Facilities Planning and Operations, and several, smaller financial and administrative units. Contractors’ bids for construction will be opened on January 14. Construction is anticipated to begin by the end of February and be completed in early July.


Kent Hall Lab 134 Renovations

Renovations to Kent Hall lab 134 include the demolition of the small room partitions along the south wall and all existing lab casework. New ceilings, lighting, flooring, HVAC, plumbing, lab casework, an autoclave, fume hood, water purifier, ice maker and glass washer will be installed. Contractors’ bids for construction will be opened on January 14.


Loop Road Recreation Field Improvements

Improvements to the Loop Road Recreation Fields include installing subdrainage for the soccer fields, installation of sports lighting and irrigation, improvements to the basketball courts and amenities. Contractors’ bids for construction will be opened on January 27.


MAC Center Acoustics and Sound System Renovation

The MAC Center’s sound system will be renovated with an acoustical treatment and upgrades to improve the sound quality and intelligibility. Contractors’ bids for construction will be opened on January 6. On-site construction is scheduled to be conducted from May 9, until May 23.


Summit Street Power Plant Cooling Tower System Upgrade and Repairs

The existing Power Plant cooling towers will be repaired, additional tower cells, pumps, side stream separators will be added, and then existing piping will be modified to accommodate the new tower cells. The new towers and pumps will help provide the cooling tower tonnage required for better operation and performance of the central utilities chiller plant. Contractors’ bids for construction will be opened on January 10.



Business Administration Building Renovations to Room 100

Lecture hall room 100 in the Business Administration Building will be renovated during the summer with the installation of new seating, lighting and finishes and technology upgrades. This project should be advertised for bidding in the spring.


Intercollegiate Athletics Facilities Assessment and Master Plan

A consulting firm is conducting an assessment of existing athletics facilities and needs of Intercollegiate Athletics’ programs. The final study will provide recommendations for all varsity sports facility priorities and their associated costs. The consultant will also provide marketing materials, such as renderings and computer animations, as requested. Intercollegiate Athletics will utilize the results of the study to plan for the next several years and to prioritize their fundraising efforts.
Kent Campus Medium Voltage Loop 6B Electrical Distribution Upgrade

To accommodate the new 13.2kv electrical distribution system, upgrades will be made to the Allerton distribution transformer, Child Development Center building transformer, DeWeese Health Center electrical service, Ice Arena transformer and electrical service, and cabling for Stewart Hall, Van Campen Hall, Student Recreation and Wellness Center and WKSU Broadcast Center. New medium voltage distribution equipment and cabling will be installed from the Power Plant. New power meters in these associated buildings will be installed. Currently this project is under design.
Kent Multimodal Transportation Center

Kent State University, the City of Kent and the Portage Area Transportation Authority (PARTA) received a $20M grant for the construction of the Kent Gateway multimodal transportation center. Currently under design, the center incorporates parking, mass transportation, pedestrians and bicycles into one central facility designed to promote and increase transit, pedestrian and bicycle access to the university and downtown Kent. Design and construction of the Kent Gateway will be closely coordinated with the design and construction of the esplanade extension, the hotel and conference center and the other downtown development initiatives.
Lake and Olson Halls Elevator Replacements

New, four-story masonry hoistways will be built at both Lake and Olson halls to contain new, four-stop elevators. Selection of an architectural firm to assist with designing this project is currently underway. This project is anticipated to be prepared for bidding during the spring for summer construction.


MAC Center Building Envelope Restoration

The Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center’s (1950) roofing has failed and costs are escalating to maintain it to prevent further damage to building interiors and subsequent deterioration of exterior walls. A professional consulting firm has assessed the roof and entire building envelope and to provide estimates and options for restoration of masonry, parapets, glazing, and entries, and planned construction of selected repairs. Until funding is secured, design of this project is on hold.


Music and Speech Center Parking Lot Renovation

The existing Music and Speech Center parking lot, including curbs, walks and asphalt surfaces, will be renovated, lighting replaced and pedestrian circulation through the lot improved. Currently under design, this project should be advertised for bidding in January with construction commencing in May.
Science Research Lab Building Envelope Restoration

The roof over the Science Research Building (1986) has lasted beyond its useful life and failures are causing water to penetrate the building’s systems, subsequently causing the exterior walls to deteriorate. A professional consulting firm has made assessments, recommendations and cost estimates for the building envelope. Work involves roofing, concrete and masonry repairs to facades and entry areas, fenestration and caulking; however, the scope of repairs to be performed in 2011 beyond reroofing of the building is currently under discussion due to funding concerns.

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