Obtain Certified Birth & Death Records

Certified copies of recorded Ohio birth and Portage County death certificates are available for purchase at the Kent City Health Department. 

Health departments with vital statistic offices in Ohio can issue certified birth certificates for recorded births occurring in the State of Ohio from 1909 to the present day, and certified death certificates for recorded deaths in the county of death from 1909 to the present day. Forms of personal identification are not needed for requested birth records. 

At the Kent City Health Department, birth record requests can be made* by mail or email; and death record requests can be made* by mail. *See all option instructions below.   

Vital Statistics- Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 
8:00 am until 4:00 pm
(Last order taken at 3:50 pm)       

Due to being currently closed to the public, the office is unable to accept walk-in order requests.   

We are not authorized to issue or fax uncertified copies of birth or death certificates.

Request for Records
(Funeral Homes-see bottom of page)

Public Request By Mail 

Review and complete the Application for Certified Copies- Birth Record (PDF) or Application for Certified Copies- Death Record (PDF). Make checks/money orders payable to "Kent City Health Department". Record Fee is $24.00 each; plus a $1.00 convenience (mailing) fee per transaction for credit/debit card orders and/or for orders without the return envelope. Mail; include a large, self-addressed postage stamped/paid return envelope, to:
Kent City Health Department Attn: Vital Statistics
Kent Central Gateway
201-G E. Erie St.
Kent, Ohio 44240

Requests received through the mail are processed with 1-3 business days.

Public Request By Email- Birth Records Only 

Order using a valid credit/debit card. Print, review, and complete the Application for Certified Copies- Birth Record (PDF), email (attach a scan or photocopy of completed application) to kentvitalstats@kent-ohio.org. Record fee is $24.00 each and $1.00 convenience (mailing) fee per transaction.  

Requests received by email are processed within 1-3 business days. Pick ups will be considered upon request. 

Public Request In-Person / By Telephone- Birth Records Only 

Non-contact pick-ups may be available by appointment during business hours in an emergency situation only. Please call 330-678-8109 to be considered for this option. 

Ordering by phone may be available for out of state residents in an emergency situation only using a valid credit/debit card. Please call 330-678-8109 during business hours to be considered for this option. Record fee is $24.00 each and $1.00 convenience fee per transaction.  

Information required for all birth requests:
1. Full Birth Name on the Record
2. Birth Date
3. Parent(s) Full Names on the Record and/or Mother’s Maiden Name
4. Purchaser’s Name, Current Mailing Address and Phone Number

Requests received by telephone are processed within 1-3 business days.

Funeral Homes

Death Certificates can be sent for filing and copies can be ordered electronically through our dedicated email address kentvitalstats@kent-ohio.org, using this form: Request to E-File (PDF) or this form: Application for Certified Copies- Death Record (PDF). You may also send death certificates and an Application for Certified Copies- Death Record (PDF) through the mail or you may utilize our drop box next to our building with a check as payment, $24.00 for each copy ordered, payable to Kent City Health Department. Or, we are currently able to use a credit card by phone for a $1.00 additional fee per transaction as a method of payment. If you would prefer to pick up copies instead of having them mailed, please indicate that to us during our communications. Disposition permits will continue to be approved as normal. If you are unable to scan and email certificates for cremation permits we will temporarily accept fax (330) 678-2082 as to not hold up the cremation process. Please call us at 330-678-8109 if you need additional instructions or information. 

Social Security Numbers on Death Certificates

Per Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3705.23(5): For the first five years after a decedent’s death, a decedent’s social security number shall not be included on a certified copy of the decedent’s death certificate unless that information is specifically requested to be on the certified copy. Relationship restrictions apply and the acceptable proof is required; for details, view the Social Security Number Guidelines and Addendum Form (PDF), effective October 15, 2015.